Why Slugs Have No Legs

A film by: Aline Höchli

Slugs have a hard time keeping up with the pace of life in the city of insects. When a financial crisis hits, the industrious bees only see one solution…

Country: Switzerland
Length: 11′
Completion: 09/2019
Genre: animation
Screening format: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken language: No dialogue

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  1. Toronto International Film Festival, Canada (5 – 15 September, 2019)
    Short Cuts

Director: Aline Höchli
Screenplay: Aline Höchli
Producer: Cinéma Copain: Marcel Derek Ramsay, Michèle Wannaz
Animation: Aline Höchli, Helen Woolston, Anaïs Voirol
Sound Design: Peter Bräker
Editor: Marcel Derek Ramsay
Composer: Thomas Schranz, Samuel Schranz
Original music by Gurpreet Kaur
Backgrounds&Layout: Claudia Wirth
Compositing: Stefan Holaus, Julia Munz, Aline Höchli