Viktor van der Valk


Viktor Bjarni van der Valk (Reykjavik ’87) studied for three years at HKU (School of the Arts Utrecht) before he started at the Netherlands Film Academy in Amsterdam.

During his time at the HKU he wrote and directed the short film ‘Vegleysa’, a movie that’s situated in his homeland Iceland. The film was selected for the ‘Debute competition’ on the Netherlands Film Festival (Utrecht) and was also shown at the ‘Noordelijk Film Festival’.
In his first year at the Dutch Film Academy Viktor made a short film/portret of Hreinn Fridfinsson, a friend and visual artist from Iceland, which was shown in 2012 at the art biennale of Sao Paolo. In 2013, his third year at the Film Academy he wrote and directed ‘Brick’.

Viktor’s films can be characterized by characters struggling with a feeling of imprisonment in their lives, characters that question their surroundings and their homes in search for a kind of freedom. He needs films to be relaxing but also something for the audience to work on when watching it.