To Become, Shift, Transfer, Copy and Erase JANET LEIGH

A film by: Jeroen Offerman

Camera angles and editing remain loyal to the original shower scene from Psycho, but tiny differences or flagrant changes make its construction transparent.
The famous shower scene from Hitchcock’s Psycho serves as the starting point for examining whether an actor and the character they play can be separated, by making several variations. And can the bare bones of a scene be revealed by removing the actor entirely? The set was previously exhibited as an autonomous sculpture.

Country: the Netherlands
Length: 18’30”
Completion: 01/2013
Genre: experimental
Screening format: DCP, H264
Spoken language: no dialogue


  • International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Netherlands (23 January – 2 February, 2013)
    Spectrum Shorts
  • Go Short – International Short Film Festival Nijmegen, the Netherlands (13 – 17 March, 2013)
    International Competition Won: VEVAM / Go Short Award for Best Dutch Short Film
  • Festival du Nouveau Cinéma, Canada (9 – 20 October, 2013)
    International Short Competition
  • Bogotá Short Film Festival, Colombia (6 – 11 December, 2013)
    Official Selection
  • International Short Film Week Regensburg, Germany (19 – 26 March, 2014)
    International Competition

Director: Jeroen Offerman
Producer: Jeroen Offerman
Production design: Jeroen Offerman, Laurent Malherbe
Sound design: Jeroen Offerman, Maarten van Loosbroek
Photography: Maarten van Loosbroek
Editing: Maarten van Loosbroek
Music: Franz Schubert, Bernard Hermann
Cast: Jeroen Offerman, Anouk Bax, Laurent Malherbe, Kristel Boekhorst