My First Porn Film

A film by: Vincent Boy Kars

A new generation of young adults grew up with the ease of having the Internet. In the documentary My First Porn Film two guys in their early twenties make a plan to create their very first porn movie. What should that film look like? Hard and aggressive like the porn that they know from the Internet? Or maybe soft, with love and an enticing story as an antidote to all impersonal and ruthless porn which they grown up with?


  • La Fête Du Slip – Gender & Sexuality Festival, Switzerland (3 – 5 March, 2017)
    Official Selection
  • Mecal Pro, International Short Film and Animation Festival, Spain (14 March – 2 April, 2017)
    Official Selection

Country: the Netherlands
Genre: documentary
Length: 28’
Completion: 12/2016
Screening format: DCP, H264
Spoken language: Dutch
Subtitles: English
Director: Vincent Boy Kars
Producer: Halal Docs: Olivia Sophie van Leeuwen
Cinematographer: David Spaans
Editor: Rene Van Zundert, Vincent Boy Kars
Grading: Rachel Stone
Line producer: Max Joakim Diezenberg
Creative producer: Mint Film Office