A film by: Adriaan Lokman

Floating like leafs we witness a turbulent day in a life through the most vital element surrounding us. Brushstrokes of air in all its subtle, gentle, powerful and inner manifestations paint our fragile existence in the most unpredictable stormy ways.

Country: the Netherlands
Length: 13’43”
Completion: 06/2019
Genre: animation
Screening format: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken language: No dialogue

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  1. Annecy International Animation Film Festival, France (10 – 15 June, 2019)
    Special screening Mention André-Martin Distinction for a French Short Film
  2. Insomnia Festival, Russia (18 – 22 July, 2019)
    International Competition Won: Equilibristic Prize For Best Experimental Film
  3. Ars Electronica Festival, Austria (5 – 9 September, 2019)
    Official Selection
  4. KROK International Animated Film Festival, Russia (22 – 30 October, 2019)

Director: Adriaan Lokman
Screenplay: Adriaan Lokman
Producer: Valk Productions: Richard Valk // Dark Prince: Wendy Griffiths, Stéphane Piera
Animator: Adriaan Lokman, studios Happy Ship et Polder (NL)
Sound: Samy Bardet, Eric Lonni, Erik Stok, Adriaan Lokman
Composer: Erik Stok