Floor Houwink ten Cate


Floor Houwink ten Cate graduated at the Netherlands Film Academy in 2010 as a producer. After quitting her job as creative producer and script developer in 2011, she went back to school in order to do a Master in Theatre Studies at Utrecht University. In her thesis “Nostalgia for the Present” she focused on the experience of (historical) time in performance art and art installations, with which she graduated cum laude in 2013. She started working as a dramaturge in theatre and as an assistant director in film. Later on, she started writing for performance. She is now a member of the performance collective Nineties Productions and works with many Dutch performers and mime players in both film and theatre. She is obsessed with the meaning of movements and glances in combination with music and its possibilities of telling stories. Therefore, she took lessons at the Mime School of the Amsterdam University of the Arts in 2015. And after many years in which she helped others telling their stories, she could not help but wanting to tell her own. Grand Tour(2016) is a personal story and her debut film as a writer/director. “I want to tell ‘small’ stories based on my own experiences, but which are ‘great’ at the same time because of their universal and timeless character. I hope to touch and comfort the viewers with stories about relatively short moments and encounters that may however have a great impact on a human being.”


Grand Tour – 2016 – short