Bart van den Aardweg


Bart van den Aardweg (1984) grew up in a creative environment in Amsterdam, with his mother as an artist and his father as a graphic designer. His early interests were painting and theatre. Several years followed of wandering and a wide array of different occupations, for example the military, before Bart returned to the diversity of “images”. Through an internship of television-making, which is linked to the Media Academy, the first steps toward making documentaries were taken. Together with Jos van Mieghem, he made a portrait of Eddy De Clercq, the founder of the Roxy. This documentary likewise became his admission video for the Film Academy. Seized by a turbulent world, documentaries provide a good way to get a grip on and to learn lessons from that which this turbulent world has to offer. In the quest for humanity in a world that sometimes seems to resemble a battlefield inspiration is endless.