All Cats Are Grey in the Dark

A film by: Lasse Linder

He calls himself „Catman“. Christian lives with his two cats Marmelade and Katjuscha. They are inseparable. As he is yearning to become a father, he decides to fertilize his beloved cat Marmelade by an exquisite tomcat from abroad. “All Cats Are Grey In The Dark” is a melodrama that portrays an unconventional relationship between animal and human.

Country: Switzerland
Length: 18′
Completion: 08/2019
Genre: documentary
Screening format: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken language: German
Subtitles: English

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  1. Locarno Festival, Switzerland (7 – 17 August, 2019)
    Pardi di Domani
  2. Toronto International Film Festival, Canada (5 – 15 September, 2019)
    Short Cuts

Director: Lasse Linder
Screenplay: Lasse Linder
Production: HSLU: Edith Flückiger
Mentoring: Jan Gassmann
Camera: Robin Angst
Sound recording: Nicolas Büttiker
Sound design: Daniel Bleuer
Editing: Michèle Flury
Music: Feed The Monkey (Dominik Blumer, Roman Lerch, Thomi Christ)