A film by: Carlo Sironi

Rocio is pent in an immigration detention center in Rome and she got pregnant during her reclusion. She doesn’t want to tell how it happened nor who did that. She prefers to remain silent. Law does not permit to hold a pregnant woman, so Rocio gets released with a temporary residency permit at her fourth month of pregnancy. Now she is free, but she has to carry on with an unwanted pregnancy.

Country: Italy
Genre: drama
Length: 20’
Completion: 08/2016
Screening format: DCP, H264
Spoken language: Italian
Subtitles: English


  • Locarno Film Festival, Switzerland (3 – 13 August, 2016)
    Pardi di Domani Won: Premio Film und Video Untertitelung
  • Milano Film Festival, Italy (8 – 18 September, 2016)
    International Short Film Competition
  • Medfilm Festival, Italy (5 – 15 November, 2016)
    Official Competition
  • Gijón International Film Festival, Spain (19 – 26 November, 2016)
    Short Film Official Section
  • Festival on Wheels, Turkey (25 November – 7 December, 2016)
    Official Selection
  • Passaggi d’autore: intrecci mediterranei – Mediterranean Short Film Festival, Italy (6 – 11 December, 2016)
    Official Selection
  • Sharm El-Sheikh Arab & European Film Festival, Egypt (5 – 11 March, 2017)
    Official Short Film Competition
  • Human Rights Arts and Film Festival, Australia (4 – 18 May, 2017)
    Official Short Film Program

Director: Carlo Sironi
Screenplay: Giulia Moriggi, Carlo Sironi
Producer: Giovanni Pompili, Dodo Fiori
Cinematographer: Michele D’attanasio
Sound: Stefano Sabatini
Editor: Andrea Maguolo
Composer: Giovanni Piccardi
Art director: Ilaria Sadun
Costume designer: Veronica Fragola
Camera Operator: Valerio Azzali
Line Producer: Alessandro Amato
Production Manager: Luigi Chimienti
Sound Editing: Alessandro Bianchi
Cast: Manuela Martelli, Marco Felli, Barbara Chichiarelli, Laura Rovetti