Green Screen Gringo

A film by: Douwe Dijkstra

Behind a green screen, a foreigner finds his way in an enchanting – and yet turbulent – Brazil. Where the streets are a stage for politics, art and affection, a gringo can only watch. The result is a mixtape-portrait on modern day Brazil seen through the eyes of the visitor.

Country: the Netherlands, Brazil
Length: 16’
Completion: 10/2016
Genre: Experimental documentary
Screening format: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken language: Portuguese, English
Subtitles: English


  • Uppsala International Short Film Festival, Sweden (24 – 30 October, 2016)
    International Competition
  • Sleepwalkers International Short Film Festival, Estonia (12 – 16 November, 2016)
    International Competition
  • Vilnius International Short Film Festival, Lithuania (18 – 22 January, 2017)
    International Competition Won: Best Documentary
  • Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival, France (3 – 11 February, 2017)
    Lab Competition Won: Grand Prix Labo
  • Punto De Vista – International Documentary Film Festival of Navarra, Spain (6 – 11 March, 2017)
    International Competition
  • Tampere Film Festival, Finland (8 – 12 March, 2017)
    International Competition
  • Glasgow Short Film Festival, United Kingdom (15 – 19 March, 2017)
    International Competition

Director: Douwe Dijkstra
Producer:Douwe Dijkstra
Cinematographer: Douwe Dijkstra
Sound: Rob Peters
Editor: Douwe Dijkstra
Audio mastering: Bob Macc
Music: Pedrowl, Stefanini, O Terno & Emanuel Matias Ramos
Translation: Bella Tozini, Daniel M. Valentiml, Nanda Wichers
Graphic design: Bas Koopmans en Nuno Beijinho