A film by: Maasja Ooms

Alicia is one year old when she is removed from her home. Via a foster family she is placed into a children’s care home when she is five. By the time she is nine, she is still there, awaiting placement with a new family. This is when the documentary ALICIA starts.
For three years the film follows the girl in her daily life in close-cropped, observing images. These make the desires and powerlessness of the young, homeless Alicia, as well as the impact of a lack of perspective, palpable.
Will the girl derail because of the hopelessness of her situation or are we witness to an inescapable history that repeats itself?

Maasja Ooms directed, filmed and edited ALICA to make a poignant film about a universal theme: our need for love.

Country: the Netherlands
Length: 90’
Completion: 11/2017
Genre: documentary
Screening format: DCP, H264, ProRes
Spoken language: Dutch
Subtitles: English

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  1. International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, the Netherlands (15 – 26 November, 2017)
    IDFA Competition For Dutch Documentary Won: IDFA Special Jury Award for Dutch Documentary
  2. One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic (5 – 14 March, 2018)
    International Competition
  3. Millenium International Documentary Film Festival, Belgium (20 – 30 March, 2018)
    International Competition
  4. DOKer – Moscow International Documentary Film Festival, Russia (12 – 17 April, 2018)
    Main Feature Competition
  5. San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival, Spain (20 – 27 April, 2018)
    Official Selection
  6. EDOC – International Documentary Film Festival, Ecuador (9 – 20 May, 2018)
    Official Selection
  7. Millennium Docs Against Gravity Film Festival, Poland (11 – 20 May, 2018)
    Official Selection
  8. Gdansk DocFilm Festival, Poland (6 – 10 June, 2018)
    Main Competition Won: Best Film
  9. Biografilm Festival – International Celebration of Lives, Italy (8 – 18 June, 2018)
    Official Selection
  10. DOCUMENTARIST Istanbul Documentary Days, Turkey (9 – 14 June, 2018)
    Official Selection

Director: Maasja Ooms
Producer: Cerutti Film: Willemijn Cerutti